The Sky's the Limit

Calling all aviation enthusiasts! Fly in to the only winery and vineyard. Enjoy the stunning views of Halter Ranch from the sky, touch down for lunch in our Tasting Room and take a bottle or two of your favorite wines to-go.

Contact us for more details and to request a date to fly in. We ask that you request a fly-in date at least 3 days in advance. Thank you!

Please note, this is for personal private planes, Halter Ranch does not provide the plane or pilot.

The History of the Airport


J.F. MacGillivray buys a 1640-acre ranchland and names it ‘MacGillivray Ranch’, a name it will bear until 2000.


The MacGillivrays, with the help of neighbors, build a small airstrip on the property to accommodate guests traveling from different parts of the state. The community is often invited to the ranch to participate in short landing contests, flour sack bombings, and air shows. On any given day, there are 15 planes on the ranch.


The continued success of the MacGillivray Ranch’s events garners the attention of Governor Ronald Reagan. On June 14, 1970, Reagan flies to the ranch in his Aero Commander and holds a massive party to announce his reelection campaign for the Governor of California.


The airstrip becomes obsolete with the death of general aviation and the MacGillivrays no longer encouraging guests to fly in.


Hansjörg Wyss buys the property from the MacGillivrays and names it Halter Ranch after his mother, Alice Halter. Over the next 20 years, it becomes a flourishing vineyard and winery.


The Halter Ranch Airport is registered with the FAA as airport number 89CA. The airstrip officially opens to the public, and Wine Club Members are welcome to fly in and enjoy the property as they did years past.