The Historic Halter Ranch

Halter Ranch is a vineyard and winery that rests on the western region of Paso Robles on California’s Central Coast. The ranch has a rich history, dating back to the 1880s when it was used to raise livestock. Parcels of the property were eventually sold off in the mid-1990s, but Hansjörg Wyss had a vision in 2000 when he purchased 900 acres of the ranch. Wyss, an inspiring Swiss born businessman, established Halter Ranch Winery in order to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a vineyard. He quickly got to work renovating the historical farmhouse and expanding the original 40 acres of vines, which were first planted in 1996, to its present 206-acres of sustainably produced wine grapes, 15-acres of walnuts, and 10-acres of organically certified olives.

There are eighteen grape varietals at Halter Ranch, which are planted on the steepest, most south-facing slopes on the ranch, which reach an elevation of 1,950 feet and provide exceptional sun exposure. Halter Ranch is committed to environmentally responsible farming practices, sustainability, and conservation, which is directly demonstrated in their quality wines. They continually preserve a diverse environment by planting on a small portion of the property’s acreage, which lessens the effects of a monoculture. Halter Ranch has 2,700 beautiful acres of land, however, only 206 acres are used for farming. They’ve intentionally left the rest of the acreage as natural landscape, including their famous Ancestor Oak, which is the largest Coast Live Oak tree in the world....

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