New Solar System Installed!

We recently saw the addition of our new 405.27 photovoltaic system; in other words, we added 1,026 solar panels to the property (that is almost 1 acre of solar!) installed by REC Solar end of last year.

This new system will offset 100% of winery operations and 58% of overall site operations, reducing our annual greenhouse gas emissions by 522 metric tons. According to the US EPA equivalency calculator, that equates to 60 average home’s electricity use, 1,296,182 miles driven by the average passenger vehicle, 66,617,878 smartphones charged, or carbon sequestered in 683 acres of forest annually. Over 30 years, we are expected to save $4.1 million.

The installation of the solar panels is an exciting and vital step towards our goals for sustainability, and we are just getting started!