Five Paso Robles Producers Bringing Out the Best in White Blends

Wine Enthusiast Magazine October Issue

Paso Robles has made quite a name for itself with red Rhône-style blends, but they’re not the only game in town. From the friendly face of Viognier down to attractive strangers like Clairette Blanche, white Rhône varieties are increasingly quenching this region’s warm-weather thirst...

Halter Ranch

Winemaker Kevin Sass offsets his zesty Grenache Blanc with a splash of Viognier, but the grape he’s most excited about is Picpoul Blanc, which makes a stunning sparkler. “It maintains its acidity in our warm Paso climate while, but it also has great mouthfeel and weight,” says Sass. “Picpoul Blanc is a colloquial term that loosely translates to ‘Lip Stinger’ in French, an homage to its great acidity!”