Wedding Venue Terms & Conditions

Visits & Tours

All site visits and tours are by appointment only. Due to the nature of our working vineyard and winery, as well as our tasting room and event schedule, please make an appointment with us prior to your visit. This will ensure ample time to go over the site, policies and procedures as well as allow enough time to answer your questions. Email to book a tour.

Hours of Use

Halter Ranch Vineyard is open to the public daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Your event is to begin no earlier than 5 p.m., with guests arriving no earlier than 4.30 p.m. on your event date. The bridal party and vendors may access the rented venue the day of the event beginning at 10:00 a.m. Agricultural zoning and permitting requires that events end no later than 10 p.m. Hours prior to the 5 p.m. start time may be added for an additional $500/per hour fee.

Site and Security Fees

The fee for use of the Halter Ranch Vineyard Silo Barn Venue is $13,000 plus $2,500 refundable security deposit and is due in full no later than 30 days prior to the event date. A non-refundable deposit of $5,000 is required to secure the date of your event and is to be paid within seven days of signing the rental contract. The reservation date will be confirmed at the time the deposit is received. The Silo Barn Venue includes the large silo barn, outdoor patio, outdoor ceremony site, commercial kitchen, men’s and women’s restrooms, bridal silo, and grooms’ silo.


Amplification of sound is allowed on Halter Ranch Vineyard premises, though agricultural zoning permits music, both acoustic or amplified, to be played no later than 10 p.m. with no exceptions. Halter Ranch Vineyard reserves the right to determine the acceptable level of sound during the above hours. All entertainment requests must be approved in writing no later than 30 days prior to event.

Planning & Coordination

Wedding Coordinators must be local San Luis Obispo professionals and Halter Ranch approved.
To ensure the success of your wedding, a professional Event Planner or Coordinator is mandatory the day of your event. We recommend hiring your coordinator before booking the venue. This professional is required to be on site throughout the entirety of your event. We have a list of preferred coordinators and would be happy to make suggestions based on your budget and needs. All coordinators must have a signed Coordinator Agreement with required insurance on file in advance of the event. Guests of the event are not authorized coordinators and will not be approved as such.


We will provide you with a list of approved and preferred full-service caterers. All caterers must be selected from our approved list and must sign a Catering Agreement with required insurance on file prior to the event. The caterer is responsible for complying with regulations set forth by the San Luis Obispo County Health Department and Halter Ranch Vineyard. Fire extinguishers are required at each station or buffet where sterno, charcoal or propane is used. Halter Ranch Vineyard prides itself on the sustainability practices in place and asks that your caterer does not use disposable plastic plates, cups or serve ware. Bamboo, palm leaf and other compostable disposables are permitted.


Shuttle transportation is required for all events held at Halter Ranch by a licensed and professional transportation company. The company must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Halter Ranch Vineyard as an additionally insured. This will ensure that no guests will be driving intoxicated or on dark, winding and unfamiliar roads. This is to also ensure the safety of our rural neighbors as well as alleviate parking and traffic congestion. Please refer to our list of preferred and approved transportation services.


Halter Ranch Vineyard has four permanent restrooms available for use; two for women and two for men. If your event exceeds 150 guests, an additional two stall portable unit is required. The portable restroom must be delivered and set-up in a designated area. The unit must be rented at the cost of the client.


One Halter Ranch staff member is required to remain on the premises throughout the entirety of your event and is included in the site fee. The responsibility of this staff member is limited to handling emergencies, property resource management and checking out wine to the caterer. Additional staff members may be needed for events with 200 or more guests. For other services, including but not limited to wine pouring, winery tours and other winery related services, a $35.00 per hour fee with a minimum of two hours, will be applied.


The responsible party must obtain an additional insurance certificate assigned to “Halter Ranch Vineyard” for the dates of the events in the amount of $2,000,000. This certificate must cover alcohol and be presented two weeks prior to the scheduled event. This can be obtained as a rider on your homeowners/renters policy or contact


Two licensed and insured security guards are required be on site during the entirety of your event. This service is included in the site fee. Halter Ranch Vineyard provides this service to ensure the safety of the guests, the property and to enforce policies agreed upon within the contract.

Prohibited Items

Halter Ranch Vineyard security will strictly enforce a no smoking policy on the entire premises. This includes, but is not limited to cigarettes and cigars. Other items not permitted on the premises include bird seed, confetti, rice, sparklers and hay bales.

Alcoholic Beverages

The service and sale of wine is limited to wines produced by Halter Ranch Vineyard, with the exception of sparkling wine. A $15 corkage fee will be applicable to each 750mL bottle of sparkling wine brought to the event. A minimum purchase of three cases of Halter Ranch Vineyard wine is required for all events with 150 or fewer guests. We encourage you to join our wine club to take advantage of a 20% discount on all wine purchases. All wine orders must be submitted 10 days prior to the event date along with a valid credit card. Hard alcohol, spirits, and bottled beer is strictly prohibited during the entirety of your event anywhere on the Halter Ranch premises. Keg beer only is allowed on site and is to only be poured into glasses. Kegs must be provided by the caterer or licensed bartending service. Plastic cups, beer bottles/cans are prohibited at the venue. We require that all alcohol served in the event areas be served by a licensed bartender and/or caterer. We ask that last call occurs at least 30 minutes before the scheduled end of the event for safety and liability purposes.

Furniture & Décor Rentals

Halter Ranch Vineyard will provide basic tables and chairs for the ceremony site and reception area for up to 150 guests (18 x 72” rounds, 150 x basic maple padded chairs and 150 x white padded chairs for the ceremony site). If the client should wish to amend the basic rentals shown above, all rental equipment such as upgraded chairs and tables, linens, glassware, etc. must be conducted by the client or coordinator. Halter Ranch Vineyard will accept deliveries no earlier than two days prior to your scheduled event only in a designated rental area. Removal of all rentals from the event site to the rental pick-up area is the sole responsibility of the client and wedding coordinator. All rentals must be removed from the property no later than 10 a.m. the day following your event. Halter Ranch Vineyard is not responsible for left or damaged rental items.

Clean Up

The client and coordinator are responsible for the cleanup of all sites and premises used during your event as well as the removal of all refuse including glasses, flowers, trash, décor, props, etc. from the property. Halter Ranch Vineyard is not responsible for any remaining items at the conclusion of your event and reserves the right to discard all items not removed by 10 a.m. the following day. A disposal fee of $500 may be applied for any remaining items. The client is responsible for leaving the property in the clean condition it was found including:

• Stacking neatly of all rental equipment in designated areas

• Bagging all trash and debris, collection of all trash bags and placement in designated dumpster

• Placement of all empty wine bottles, boxes and other recyclables is recycling dumpster

• Sweeping and mopping of all utilized kitchen floors, cleaning of sinks, countertops and appliances including refrigerators and freezers

• Sweeping of event areas

• Removal of all personal items.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 60 days of the event date by the client will result in forfeiture of the $5,000 deposit and any other associated fees except the $2,500 security deposit. No other refunds will apply. All remaining balances and booking fees must be paid in full if cancellation occurs within 60 days of the scheduled event. In the event of cancellation by the venue, all deposits and fees will be returned to the client in full.

Photo & Video Permission

A Halter Ranch Vineyard representative will accompany the client and photographer for one hour prior to or following the ceremony to the approved sites in the vineyard, winery, caves, covered bridge and barnyard. The client agrees to allow Halter Ranch to use images and video of the event as needed for marketing and advertising purposes. The uses will include but are not limited to social media, website, blog posts and printed marketing materials. These images and video will be acquired with proper permissions from the copyright owner.

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