Our Paso Robles Winery

After years of planning and construction, the new winery facility is finally complete. Architect John Mitchell worked closely with the Halter Ranch winemaking team to design this state-of-the-art facility. Multi-level, the winery utilizes gravity flow in all aspects of the winemaking process. Gravity flow allows the winemaker to handle the fruit in the gentlest way possible, without pumping, from the de-stemmer at the top level, into the tanks, and ultimately into the barrel.

Green Building Features

Beyond gravity flow, the new building employs a wide range of environmentally friendly features and methods. 


Rainwater harvesting systems on the roof, in the floors, and in drains around the exterior of the facility retrieve more than 100% of total water used in the winemaking process. Water collected beyond the needs of the facility itself is used to fill our vineyard’s irrigation pond.


Rock facing on the accent and retaining walls uses rock entirely harvested onsite. Additionally, the roads and parking areas use an aggregate paving system composed entirely of VOC free, recyclable materials. All material choices for the construction of the building were made with a mind toward sustainability.


Night cooling systems take advantage of the large local temperature swing by pulling in chilled air overnight and keeping out warm air during the day. Concrete mass in the floor and walls increases the efficiency of cooling systems. The subterranean barrel storage caves employ natural cooling and humidity provided by the limestone hillside. Frame over roof design and insulated paneling increases the overall cooling efficiency of the winery building.


Halter Ranch is the first winery to employ a gravity based CO2 evacuation system built into the foundation. Shaped tank pads, tank skirting, and drainage systems are at the absolute cutting edge of winemaking technology worldwide. Modular hook-ups for movable tanks allow continued use of equipment from the old winery facility while providing potential for future expansion.

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