A Bridge to Delicacy



The 2014 Bridge Dinner sold out before we even officially announced it.  In the past it has been popular among all the dinners we hold onsite, but this is the first time I can recall things moving so fast.  Beyond the beautiful setting and Kevin’s delicious wines I we must credit the reputation and absolutely delectible culinary creations of Suzanne Tracht and her crew from Jar Restaurant in Los Angeles for the rabid and rapid response from our patrons.  On that note, this meal was unforgettably stellar. 


Suzanne - Halter Ranch Vineyard


I will say first that  Suzanne, Preech, Margo, Manny, and , were some of the most professional and composed restaurant professionals we have had the privilege of working with and the meal they delivered was mouthwateringly wonderful throughout.  Standouts for my palate were the shrimp and crab cakes, the young garlic soup, and of course, the signature Jar pot roast.


Bridge - Halter Ranch Vineyard


As a special pour Kevin cracked open a 3 Liter bottle of 2011 Ancestor to follow the library Block 22 Syrah.  It would be an understatement to say that our 2011 reds are merely tasting delicious and the 2 reserve reds truly shone when paired with the roast.


Preech - Halter Ranch Vineyard


Preech is the sous chef at jar and a fan of 2011 Block 22.


Pot Roast - Halter Ranch Vineyard


It was only moments after the impressively tender and flavorful roast above was served that we began to hear a universal call for additional spoonfuls of the mindblowing horseradish sauce provided on the side.


Bridge - Halter Ranch Vineyard


Following this most momentous event we are in serious consideration of adding an additional dinner on the bridge our event schedule in future years.  A final thank you to the wonderful Jar crew for gracing us with their food and friendship, we hope to see you all soon!

Check back here next weekend for a special message from Kevin and updates on the in depth vineyard tour. Cheers and smiles until then!


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