Circumnavigaton in the Defender

Defender - Halter Ranch Vineyard


The latest addition to the Halter Ranch vehicle pool is a revamped 1980’s Land Rover Defender which allows us to tour parties of up to 8 people around the entirety of the vineyard and winery.  Tours will take place at 10am Saturday and Sunday mornings initially with the addition of more days and times based upon demand.  The two hour journey begins on the historic half of the Halter Ranch property and circumnavigates the planted acreage before arriving at the winery. It offers an in depth look at our operation from bottom to top along with choice tastings at both the Ancestor Oak and the pinnacle of our planting in block 52.

This tour will be available by appointment ( or 805.226.9455 ext. 36) to club members for $35 per person and the general public for $40 per person.

As the HRV train keeps moving we will continue offering additional tour and tasting options.  Keep an eye here on the blog and on our facebook, twitter, and google+ feeds for photos, updates, and a plethora of exciting new developments.  Check back here next Wednesday for some words from Kevin on what makes our vineyard so special.  Cheers until then!

A Bridge to Delicacy



The 2014 Bridge Dinner sold out before we even officially announced it.  In the past it has been popular among all the dinners we hold onsite, but this is the first time I can recall things moving so fast.  Beyond the beautiful setting and Kevin’s delicious wines I we must credit the reputation and absolutely delectible culinary creations of Suzanne Tracht and her crew from Jar Restaurant in Los Angeles for the rabid and rapid response from our patrons.  On that note, this meal was unforgettably stellar.  (more…)

A Taste of 2012 Tempranillo

Tempranillo - Halter Ranch Vineyard


This past Saturday we began a soft release of our first 2012 red.  Also a member of our new Silver Label Reserve line up, this fresh red is ripe for knocking off socks. (more…)

Fresh Greenery and Fresh Plans




There are weeks when it becomes clearly evident just how fast the conceptual Halter Ranch train is moving. This is one such week.  The happenings are as follows.  (more…)

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