Our Latest Wildlife Photos

The increasing diversity of wildlife caught by cameras strategically placed throughout Halter Ranch Vineyard is absolutely stunning.  Our latest captures are posted below:


wildlife - halter ranch vineyard

A Waldo


A down on its luck Waldo is captured on film filching a drink from one of the natural springs on the Halter Ranch property.  Has it no shame?!?


Wildlife - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Khal Archie


A wayward Khal seems to have traveled through space, time, and reality to pilfer our cellar of delicious red. His frustration at having been aggressively flashed by our mysterious device of the future is quite evident. Defensive preparations are underway for the oncoming Dothraki horde.


wildlife - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Ceramic Mystery


The camera that took the photo above was found on its side this morning next to a mysterious ceramic pot. HRV staff speculate that whatever was carrying it bumped the tripod and was spooked by the clicking noise of the lense.  Is that a hunny-addicted bear bear print near the upper rim?

As always thank you for reading and check back soon for a special post discussing Cabernet Sauvignon and the upcoming Paso Cab Collective event.  Cheers in the mean!



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