Spring Sprung

Sprung - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Budbreak in Block 4


Spring has sprung at Halter Ranch.  A walk through the sunbathed vineyard reveals an ecosystem abuzz with new growth.  The five inches of rain we received weeks ago and the warmth of days since have given the vines and cover crop the boost they needed to blanket the vineyard in bright green.  Weather gurus predict additional rain tomorrow and we welcome it with open arms.  Check out additional observations from the vineyard below:


Sprung - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Beneficial Beetle


Beetles and other beneficials such as the one above munch pests among the vines and offer welcome evidence of the great benefit to avoiding the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.


Sprung - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Pruning Block 30


Pruning crews are wrapping up work on the few blocks we left untouched for frost protection as we move toward more warm weather and buds begin to break.


Sprung - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Looking Southwest


Sprung - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Looking Northeast


Walking among the vines with oak woodland all around it is easy to be struck by the natural web and the differences minute and vast that bind all organisms into one vast ecosystem.  Insects flitting site to site, second to second.  We mammals plodding from place to place in minutes or hours.  The vines, rooted to the ground in constant growth but evidencing it over months and years.  And finally the rocks beneath, moving over the course of unfathomable time to peek and peak above the surface and touch the air.


As I walked back to type this, I imagined all the movement around me and could not help but smile at the thought while the sun warmed the back of my neck.  A joyous spring to all!


Sprung - Grenache

The Winery from Block 2


Check back next week for an article on the Cabernet Barrel Experiment Kevin will be presenting as part of the Cab Collective event coming up in April.  Club members keep one eye (or even two!) on your inbox for a Collective discount code offering access to this special event.  Cheers in the mean!



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