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Weather - Halter Ranch Vineyard

The Weather Station


After much consideration and planning, a shiny new weather station has been installed along the Halter Ranch airstrip by Joe Thorp of Signature Ranch Technologies.  Given distinction between weather here on the ranch and weather nine miles east of us in Paso Robles proper, we’ve been relying on readings from Tablas Creek’s weather station up to this point.  For each mile you move away from the town of Paso Robles toward the coast you may add approximately an inch of rainfall and about half a degree of decreased temperature.  As a result we tend to average 25-30 inches of rainfall, and about 5 degrees fahrenheit less on average over the course of a year than Paso Robles proper and vineyards east of highway 101.


Weather - Halter Ranch Vineyard

This Chip Collects Data


The station will regularly take readings of temperature, humidity, and pressure giving us a full report of weather conditions and fluctuations on both a yearly and a more incremental basis.  These stats will be used onsite and be submitted to contribute to overall weather studies for the state of California.

Kim, Lindsay Peugh, and Cathy took a tour through the vineyard and over the Curran Ridge with Lucas, a few of the photos they captured are included below:


Wild - Halter Ranch Vineyard




Halter Ranch Vineyard




Halter Ranch Vineyard

Evidence of Fauna!


In other news, we will be bottling 2012 Block 22 Syrah, 2012 Tempranillo, 2013 Cotes de Paso Blanc, 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Cotes de Paso, and 2012 Synthesis Red this week.  Expect some bottling photos to go live on facebook, twitter, tumblr, and Google+ Friday.  Next week Halter Ranch Wines will be featured at a special James Beard Foundation Dinner in Austin.  In Yoda speak (or at least how we imagine it):  About this we are quite excited.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

A Seeing Tree

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