2013 Halter Ranch Rosé


2013 Rosé - Halter Ranch Vineyard

2013 Rosé


On Friday January 17 the esteemed Halter Ranch production staff bottled our 2013 Rosé.  Like its 2012 counterpart it is composed principally of Grenache (70%) with some Mourvèdre (10%), Picpoul Blanc (7%), and Syrah (10%).  Prior to bottling, we used a new cross-flow filter to remove any remaining solids and clarify the wine. 


2013 Rosé

Crossflow Filter


Though it is atypical for us to filter our reds, whites and rosé see filtration in order to insure clarity in both bottle and glass. Filtration tends to be unpredictable with regard to the amount of time it takes (cross-flow filtering the 2013 Rosé took a little over 18 hours) given the difficulty of predicting the precise size of the solids to be removed.  The cross-flow filter uses a comb of tubes to gently catch solids as the wine moves through its chambers.  It tends not to be as harsh as a more standard screen filter as it avoids forcing the juice through a small space to extract the solids.  Instead, the weight of the wine itself moves the juice tangentially across the filter through a set of chambers and solids are captured in a complexity of minuscule combs.   

We were lucky enough to try a sample of the wine from the tank and without getting too far ahead of ourselves given that official release is still 2-3 months away, we can say that this vintage will be one to stockpile.  Bright acidity and a fleshy strawberry flavor complement a crisp mouthfeel and slight hints of spice and earth become apparent as the wine opens.  It is all we can do to stay at the computer and not rush off to grab another sample as we type this.

Click the play button in the photo below to see a quick YouTube Video of the bottling process.  Expect more updates as we draw nearer the release of this absolutely delicious offering in early Spring.


Rosé Play

2013 Rosé is coming…


As always, thank you for reading and check back next week for tales from vineyard hikes and winemaker dinners.  Cheers til then!  ~The HRV Staff

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