Return to the Wild

Halter Ranch Vineyard

The Wild Side


14 months later, we finally ventured back into the wild side of Halter Ranch with viticulturalist Lucas Pope and vineyard foreman Eusebio Rico as our guides.  The goal on this excursion was to document the locations of our wildlife cams to give context to the photos we’ve begun posting here and on facebook.  Additionally Lucas and Eusebio wanted to check the status of a well on the old Curran property which is part of the 1300 acre oak and wildlife preserve on the northeast end of the vineyard.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

Old Power Lines


While en route we discovered the skeleton of a wild pig, revisted the old harvester from last year’s explorations, and examined the state of flora and fauna after another distinctly dry year.  Below are some photos and thoughts from the adventure.


Ye Olde Jawbone

Eusebio and Lucas


Lucas and Eusebio examine the jawbone from a wild pig skeleton discovered along one of the quad trails.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

Curran Ranch


Old barns are in abundance both on the back and front side of the HRV property.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

An Old Waystation


This water trough and pear tree mark the site of an old stage coach stop.


Wildlife Camera 2


During such a profound drought it is both amazing and alien to see water coming out of the ground.  There are several sites on the back half of the property where this is the case.  We have placed wildlife cameras at two of them.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

A Coyote Prowling

Halter Ranch Vineyard

An Owl Perching


The coyote and owl above are new additions to the growing library of critters captured by our two cameras.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

Harvester and Blind


Halter Ranch Vineyard

Rear View


We stopped to take a look at the old harvester which used to serve Doctor Curran as a hunting blind.  Click the photo to hear a song this old machine brings to mind.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

An Old Oak


Heading back up the trail we came upon this oak reaching for the sky.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

Hay Trails


The crisscross pattern of hay on all the roadways is striking in the dormant vineyard. Visit the blog again next week for updates on pre-pruning and other preparation in the vineyard.  Happy 2014 in the meantime!

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