Happy Holidays from Halter Ranch

Holidays - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Happy Holidays and Stuff!


First things first:  Happy Holidays from all of us at the ranch!

2013 has been a year of intensified growth and development.  We’ve seen the release of the first few reds made entirely in the new winery, the opening of our beautiful new Wine Club Lounge on the upper floor of the facility, and so much more that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  Beyond all the wondrous newness, and all the developments I didn’t mention here, is the reality that there is even more to come. Even as I type this from my computer at home, the air feels electric with excitement at all the potential on the horizon.

It is rare that I write as myself for the blog, but it somehow seems appropriate today.  I hope you will forgive some sentimentality throughout this post, this being a generally sentimental time of year.  My mind is boggled to note that it has now been 12 months since touring the wildlife corridor with Lucas for the first time and a full 4 1/2 years since first I set foot in the tasting room.  I am absolutely aghast and humbled by the complete privilege it has been and will continue being to learn and grow in this amazing place.

A part of me wishes there were more space to revel in such moments but I have begun to acquiesce to the reality that time does not slow down regardless of how much I desire it to and each year will speed by more quickly than the last.  There is poetry in acquiescence…but I will refrain from subjecting you to it here. Instead I’ll say, happy December, happy year’s end, and happiness overall to all. Exciting developments are in the works for HRV Media in 2014 so keep an eye here as we continue to explore, learn, and play.

Cheers in the meantime and check back next Wednesday for 14 wine resolutions for 2014 from the Halter Ranch staff, all wrapped up for you on December 25. ‘ )


Holidays - Halter Ranch Vineyard

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