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Preparing to stand in a long, early morning, Hobbit ish line.



We won’t deceive, there are a fair number of rabid Tolkien enthusiasts among the HRV staff.  As such, we embark on today’s Hobbit round 2 premier with great anticipation and some sidelong glances from those who have had to listen to Gandalf Groupies chatter in excitement over this next installment in the series.  Gone are the dark days between 2007 and 2012 when nary a Middle Earth premier lay on the horizon and we Tolkienites were relegated to viewing the extended editions of the first three movies marathon style in every possible combination of director’s cut and commentary.  It is with great hope and anticipation that we fantastical few don our wooden swords and elvish ears to travel the twists and turns of Desolation’s release. 

In celebration, Lindsey B will be plying his hand at the famed and infamous root vegetable stew, affectionately referred to as Hobbit Stew, made yearly in honor of wintertime and Tolkienish franchises. Here he will offer pairing suggestions and recipe tips for those of you out their who enjoy Hobbits, Hearty Vegetable Stew, and Wine (or any combination of the the three).


Root Veggies Ready for Choppin

Ready for the chopping.


Says Lindsey:

This recipe is a modified version of ‘Bilbo’s Underground Stew’ published in Janice Migliaccio‘s  Vegetarian Soup cookbook.  Instead of the dried herbs and spices (garlic, parsley, basil) I used minced fresh ones I also used half the recommended amount of sour cream in order to preserve some delightful earthy funk.  The resulting stew tends toward the sweeter side given all the starchy veggies in it.  I generally recommend spiking it with extra salt and a hot sauce of choice (Sriracha, Tapatio, and Tobasco all work) if you like things spicy.

In terms of pairing, Hobbit Stew begs either a very ripe, or very acidic wine with a touch of residual sugar to match its heft.  From our tasting list I’d recommend 2011 Block 22 Syrah, 2010 Syrah, 2012 Viognier (sold out in the tasting room sorry!), 2012 Rose (also sold out!), or 2011 Synthesis Blanc.

We will update on facebook (Halter Ranch Vineyard and twitter (@halterranch , #hobbitstew) as we taste through the suggestions above.  Cheers in the meantime!


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