New Wildlife Photos

Wildlife - Halter Ranch Vineyard

That is indeed an elk.


An aspect of our sustainable program are the wildlife corridors kept intact by installing an extra 16000 feet of fencing when the vineyard was planted.  The corridors allow deer and other fauna to get through the vineyard to 1300 acres of oak and wildlife preserve that remain undisturbed but for the occasional exploratory trip from our staff to insure no humans are occupying the back portion of the property for sinister purpose.  Recently Lucas Pope installed wildlife cameras at 2 watering holes within the preserve.  Included here just three out of 350 photos taken by one of the two cameras over the past 6 weeks.  Most of what we have seen thus far are deer and birds, but as you can see, a few more rare and shy critters have made appearances as well.  


Wildlife - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Freshly mud bathed


This boar can be seen in multiple photos over the course of the past month, often entering the shot deep red and leaving nearly black with mud.


Wildlife - Halter Ranch Vineyard

A full grown lion prowls


Though we know there are mountain lions on the prowl throughout the Adelaida Hills, this is the first time we’ve managed to snap a shot of one within the bounds of the Halter Ranch property.  You may expect photos of more wildlife as the cameras capture them.  Check back this Friday for a special pairing post to tie in with a much anticipated (at least by some of the staff) film release.  Until then, thanks for reading and cheers!

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