Holiday Preparations



In the wake of ‘giving festivities we now embark on preparations for the rest of the holiday season.  Lights are being strung, the scent of pine sap hangs in the air, and the world seems aglow with warmth from ovens and fireplaces alike as Winter finally arrives at the ranch. 

A few wine suggestions for your wintery fare:

Halter Ranch 2011 Block 22 Syrah – This delicious and full bodied red is suited to all months but will provide a heartwarming and lipsmackingly bright, spicy addition to hearty holiday meals.

Halter Ranch 2012 Viognier – The viscosity of this fall release white will provide enough scent and flavor to stand on its own while also doubling as an excellent compliment sweetly spiced dishes.

While it would be against our typical practice to settle upon any particular holiday denomination given the diversity of belief represented in the HRV staff, not to mention the world at large, we do typically engage in the selection and presentation of a tree for the yearly Holiday Event in our historic Victorian.  This year we acquired an additional tree to grace the foyer of the winery given the recent addition of the Wine Club Member Lounge as a location to taste on weekends. Additional space allowed us to go a little more extravagant in terms of size.  Expect new photos presenting full decor soon.  In the meantime happy holidays to all and to all a wondrous first week of December!





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