Wine Resolutions for 2014


Resolutions - Halter Ranch Vineyard

A Hearth-y Happy New Year!


Here published are 14 wine resolutions for 2014.  Sourced from the diabolically wine-centric brains of our very own staff.

1. We resolve not to judge a wine by its alcohol content or any other attribute prior to actually trying it.

2. We resolve to refrain from purchasing half bottles as they are too tempting to drink all by oneself.

3. We resolve to drink more dry Rose.

4. We resolve to refrain from purchasing ‘critter label’ wines purely based on the fact that critters are cute, and instead to fulfill our critter cuteness needs here and here.

5. We resolve not to acquiesce to the notion that a wine is better because it is uniformly composed of a single variety (i.e. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon).

6. We resolve to keep our minds and palates open to new and wondrous tastes despite not being certain whether we will like them or not.

7. We resolve not to influence our wine tasting fellows with normative terminology when they are in the midst of a fresh tasting experience.

8. We resolve to drink more Champagne and less soda.

9. We resolve to sip and fully experience, rather than simply drink.

10. We resolve to drink wine with food.  After all, nutrients are best absorbed when liquids and solids are consumed in concert.

11. We resolve to remember that while wine is how we make our living, we need not approach it as if it is work.

12. We resolve to remember to drink what we like and not feel guilty about it.

13. We resolve to continue finding new ways to share our fascinations and foster fascination in others.

14. We resolve to incite joy by keeping glasses, both real and proverbial, topped off and raised high.

Check back next Wednesday for more wildlife photos and vineyard updates with Lucas. If you feel so inclined, do share your wine resolutions for 2014 in the comments below. We would love to read them. Cheers and happy nearly new year to all!


Resolutions - Halter Ranch Vineyard



Happy Holidays from Halter Ranch

Holidays - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Happy Holidays and Stuff!


First things first:  Happy Holidays from all of us at the ranch!

2013 has been a year of intensified growth and development.  We’ve seen the release of the first few reds made entirely in the new winery, the opening of our beautiful new Wine Club Lounge on the upper floor of the facility, and so much more that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  Beyond all the wondrous newness, and all the developments I didn’t mention here, is the reality that there is even more to come. Even as I type this from my computer at home, the air feels electric with excitement at all the potential on the horizon.

It is rare that I write as myself for the blog, but it somehow seems appropriate today.  I hope you will forgive some sentimentality throughout this post, this being a generally sentimental time of year.  My mind is boggled to note that it has now been 12 months since touring the wildlife corridor with Lucas for the first time and a full 4 1/2 years since first I set foot in the tasting room.  I am absolutely aghast and humbled by the complete privilege it has been and will continue being to learn and grow in this amazing place.

A part of me wishes there were more space to revel in such moments but I have begun to acquiesce to the reality that time does not slow down regardless of how much I desire it to and each year will speed by more quickly than the last.  There is poetry in acquiescence…but I will refrain from subjecting you to it here. Instead I’ll say, happy December, happy year’s end, and happiness overall to all. Exciting developments are in the works for HRV Media in 2014 so keep an eye here as we continue to explore, learn, and play.

Cheers in the meantime and check back next Wednesday for 14 wine resolutions for 2014 from the Halter Ranch staff, all wrapped up for you on December 25. ‘ )


Holidays - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Original Corktraits by Robin Mika McGee

Hobbit Stew on Friday the 13th



Preparing to stand in a long, early morning, Hobbit ish line.



We won’t deceive, there are a fair number of rabid Tolkien enthusiasts among the HRV staff.  As such, we embark on today’s Hobbit round 2 premier with great anticipation and some sidelong glances from those who have had to listen to Gandalf Groupies chatter in excitement over this next installment in the series.  Gone are the dark days between 2007 and 2012 when nary a Middle Earth premier lay on the horizon and we Tolkienites were relegated to viewing the extended editions of the first three movies marathon style in every possible combination of director’s cut and commentary.  It is with great hope and anticipation that we fantastical few don our wooden swords and elvish ears to travel the twists and turns of Desolation’s release.  (more…)

New Wildlife Photos

Wildlife - Halter Ranch Vineyard

That is indeed an elk.


An aspect of our sustainable program are the wildlife corridors kept intact by installing an extra 16000 feet of fencing when the vineyard was planted.  The corridors allow deer and other fauna to get through the vineyard to 1300 acres of oak and wildlife preserve that remain undisturbed but for the occasional exploratory trip from our staff to insure no humans are occupying the back portion of the property for sinister purpose.  Recently Lucas Pope installed wildlife cameras at 2 watering holes within the preserve.  Included here just three out of 350 photos taken by one of the two cameras over the past 6 weeks.  Most of what we have seen thus far are deer and birds, but as you can see, a few more rare and shy critters have made appearances as well.   (more…)

Holiday Preparations



In the wake of ‘giving festivities we now embark on preparations for the rest of the holiday season.  Lights are being strung, the scent of pine sap hangs in the air, and the world seems aglow with warmth from ovens and fireplaces alike as Winter finally arrives at the ranch.  (more…)

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