Thanks and Giving



In honor of this deeply foodie giving thanks type  week, we present a post that has been in the works for some time.  To assist in carrying us through the calm before Friday’s storm, the tasting room will be cooking up a spicy (and slightly sheepish) pleasure for lunch.  It has come to our collective attention over the past few months that a majority of our retail staff have a weakness for dishes doused in Buffalo Sauce.

With this knowledge teeming beneath surface consciousness, we have decided to cook up some Buffalo Burgers for our staff lunch today.  We’ll keep you posted as we sip our wines, and let you know which among them pairs most delectably with this only slightly guilty pre-giving pleasure.

After careful tasting and analysis the Tasting Room crew has concluded that Côtes de Paso Blanc is the best pairing for a Buffalo Style Burger with Stilton, Grilled Onions, and Kettle Chips on the side.  The relatively low alcohol and medium body of the CDPB interact well with the smoke and spiciness of the burger while allowing the tropical notes from our flagship white to truly shine.



Pairing Suggestions for Giving Day

For your stuffing of choice 2012 Sauvignon Blanc shines like few other whites can.  Its bright acidity asks for some buttery weight to cut through and a hearty stuffing will deliver. Additionally, any included vegetables should interact well with the tart fruit and tight mineral notes of our 2012 vintage.

For a slight twist on typical impulse, try pairing 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon with the fixings (cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans) and 2012 Rosé (sold out in the tasting room, but we’re sure there’s some lingering in your cellars and on store shelves) with the main course.  Rosé and turkey are a natural pairing and we’re confident you’ll be impressed by how happily pink and pork play together.

For a single wine to pair with everything on your table look no further than the indefatigably versatile 2011 Côtes de Paso.  This wine has enough acidity and body to pair with heavier fare, while offering enough subtlety to avoid overwhelming lighter dishes.

Interested in a Thanksgiving themed pairing video?  Check out the latest from our friends at Original Fare: Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Thanks to you for reading.  A great ‘giving holiday and cheer to all!


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