This is the End…of Harvest 2013

On the night pick - End


The time has come to don our raincoats, spread straw on our roadways, and batten down the hatches for winter.  Another picking season has just passed and with the first rain we feel the slight sting of a hard earned harvest complete in concert with vast anticipation for the delicious wine that will result.  All sentiment aside, last Thursday night marked the final picking push as we near the end of Harvest 2013.  We currently have six stainless steel tanks filled with Cabernet Sauvignon undergoing primary fermentation.  All red Rhone varieties are now in barrel. Overall we brought in 460 tons of fruit from the ranch this year, selling 60 to other producers and keeping 400 tons to take through fermentation ourselves.  As a vintage 2013 looks absolutely stellar.  We were able to take all 17 varieties under cultivation to ideal ripeness without any significant rainfall or other grape-threatening weather. Keep an eye here for additional updates as we near the end of fermentation and move on to barrel ageing.

In the meantime check the rest of the post for a series of photos from this year’s pick.

Lucas and Miguel - End


Lucas and Miguel prepare to weigh Malbec as it arrives in half ton bins


Kevin to the Sass - End


Kevin pulls fruit from cold storage in preparation for processing.


Barrel fermentation


Arnaud guides freshly destemmed and sorted Syrah berries into new French oak for one of our special barrel fermentation lots.


Pumping over Block 3


Pumping over the juice from block three Malbec.


Less the juice


A photo taken after the juice was drained from a tank containing block 33 Merlot.


Jordan and Oscar


Jordan and Oscar after digging out tank 12.


Durn and the basket press


Darren prepares to press off remaining juice using a basket press.


Peugh in the lab


Lindsay Peugh works with samples in the lab alongside Oenologist Molly Strupp.

Check back soon for an update on the three staff winemaking teams and their individual lots from Block 3 Malbec, Block 21 Cabernet Sauvignon, and Block 33 Merlot.  Until then, cheers and happy All Hallows Eve!


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