Tasting with Carnivores

Carnivore - Red Dragon

Dionaea – The Venus Fly Trap


For the past few weeks we’ve been experimenting with a Carnivorous Garden in the Halter Ranch Tasting room.  Dedicated readers may recall our fruit fly post from around this time last year.  For this harvest season we’ve taken mitigation efforts to a new level by incorporating some carnivorous flora in our multi-pronged fruit fly deterrent effort. 

Carnivores - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Drosera and Sarracenia


The smell of basil helps discourage fruit flies from occupying the tasting room.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

The smell of basil upsets fruit flies


For the flies already gracing the space we took a trip up to Sebastopol and visited California Carnivores where we purchased a small garden of carnivorous plants to consume the little beasts.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

Pinguicula Gigantea – Sticky Leaves


Dionaea, commonly known as the Venus Fly Trap, entices insects onto its open leaves and them snaps them closed for a meal.  Sarracenia, an American pitcher plant, lures unsuspecting prey into its hollow stalky leaves where downward pointing bristles keep the poor beasts from escaping.  Both pinguicula and drosera have sticky digestive fluids on their leaves to both trap and consume prey.  Thus far we’ve found that the combination of fly eating plants, basil, and strategically placed vinegar traps has improved our fly situation over years past but has not eliminated the problem overall.


Carnivore - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Sarracenia Purpurea – An American Pitcher Plant


Keep an eye on our facebook page for updated photos as our new friends grow.

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