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Happening - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Fog from Lion’s Crown


As usual there is a lot happening at the ranch this week.  What follows is a quick photo journal highlighting a few of our multitudinous activities as we prepare for harvest 2013 and other Fall events.  The photo above was taken during a recent outing with Lucas pope onto the wildlife and oak preserve just north of our vineyard.  This 1300 acres maintains habitat for indigenous wildlife.  Access to this land for deer and other critters is provided via a network of wildlife corridors through the vineyard. 


Halter Ranch Vineyard

Kim, Katie, Molly, Sarah


The vineyard project is about to kick into high gear as we near the start of harvest.  Expect a dedicated post on the three teams and the overall progress of Block 3 Malbec, Block 21 Cabernet Sauvignon, and Block 33 Merlot soon.


Happening - Halter Ranch Vineyard

New Screen


Screens have been installed in one row of 5 ton fermenters in the new winery.  We are experimenting to see if using screens in the bottom of the tanks, as opposed to external sumps, will be more effective in preventing berries from sneaking into the juice as we transfer from tank to barrel or perform pump-overs.


Halter Ranch Vineyard



The heat this summer has been substantial and the result is that many of our 17 varieties our nearing ripeness at the same time.  It will quickly be very busy in the winery for Harvest 2013.


Happening - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Katie Collects Samples


Samples from each of our 81 vineyard blocks are being collected to check the chemical status of the fruit (sugar level, ph, etc).  While the rough sequence of when each block will be harvested is determined through chemical analysis, the actual picking date is determined by tasting the grapes.


Halter Ranch Vineyard

Malbec Clusters for Sampling


Clusters randomly selected from throughout are crushed in 5 gallon buckets and the resulting juice is put through a battery of tests.


Happening - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Giant Pumpkin in the Making


Our summer garden is now being allowed to dry out as we prepare for the transition to Fall.  Expect some large type pumpkins in front of the tasting room soon!

This coming Saturday we will be holding our first Vineyard View Barbecue.  Chef Charlie will be roasting up a pig and we’ll be pouring a delectible flight while watching the sunset over Block 4 Syrah.  The event is sold out, but check back here on the blog next week for a taste in case you’d like to participate next go round.  For other upcoming dinners, check the events page.

Sauvignon Blanc is scheduled for harvest next Tuesday, September 3.  Keep an eye here for more updates.  ‘Til then, cheers and happy Harvest 2013!

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