The Garden and Vineyard All Abuzz


Tempranillo - Halter Ranch Vineyard

2013 Tempranillo


Anticipation among the HRV crew and within the vineyard itself is palpable as we near the opening of Harvest 2013. What follow are a few photos in and about the vineyard taken by tasting room superstars Jess Warren, Kim Potvin, and Sam Flynn. 


Vineyard Sunflowers

Kim’s Sunflower


The organic staff garden is both aesthetically and deliciously happy this year.  Our first few batches of Cherry Tomatoes were harvested this week!


Malbec from Vineyard Block 3

Malbec from Block 3


As the grapes begin to ripen, we bring a few clusters to the tasting room for lucky customers to experience. Here’s a tip, the color of the seeds and the texture of the pulp in the grapes are indicators as to the readiness of the fruit.  The browner the seed and the more consistent the texture of the pulp, the closer to harvest we are.


Snapdragons and Little Pollinator in the Vineyard

A Honeybee Harvest Snapdragon Pollen


Stunning color from the beneficial flower groupings planted throughout the garden.  We use pollen rich flowers both in the vineyard and in our garden to act as food sources for beneficial insects like predatory wasps and pollenating bees.


Vineyard Block 1

Block 1 Cabernet and Block 50B Grenache


It is always exciting to see healthy clusters and deep color in the vineyard.  At the moment we are targeting either the final week of August or the first week of September for the start of harvest 2013.


Squash Blossom in the Vineyard

Bee Buzzes Squash Blossom


Check back later this week for more detailed updates from the vineyard team.  Until then, cheers!

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