2012 Cotes de Paso Blanc and Brunch Casserole

Brunch - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Feeling Brunchy?


In the spirit of summertime and the phenomenon that is Brunch, we offer this recipe and pairing suggestion for the opening of June.  The recipe will require:

8 (preferably farm fresh) eggs, 1/4 pound black forest ham or a similar quantity of marinated artichokes hearts (or an even split!), 8 slices of thick country bread, 8 oz. Mild (or as you like) Cheddar, 4 cups of milk, 8 slices of thick country bread, 1 teaspoon mustard powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon pepper

Slice the bread into 1 inch chunks and place at the bottom of an oiled 9 x 13 x 2 inch baking pan.  Grate the cheese and slice the ham or artichoke hearts and layer them on top of the bread.  Then, in a large mixing bowl, vigorously mix eggs, salt, pepper, mustard, and milk until they are smooth before pouring the entire mixture into the pan.  Cover the casserole and let it sit refrigerated 8 hours.  When you are ready to experience brunch bliss, preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake the casserole for 1 hour.  Serve with a chilled glass of 2012 Cotes de Paso Blanc for immediate nirvana.  (more…)

2010 Côtes de Paso – Let Me Count the Ways

2010 Côtes de Paso and Pairings

2010 Côtes de Paso and Pairings


Friday of last week we held our annual Bridge Dinner, pairing our wines with delicacies prepared by Julie Simon of Thomas Hill Organics. As always the food, atmosphere, and wine were absolutely stellar. There was one pairing however, that struck a particular chord among the Halter Ranch Staff. The wine industry is flush with excellent pairing experiences, but occasionally a wine and it’s companion dish shine so brightly in concert we cannot help but gush about it.  (more…)

Halter Ranch Special Projects Division


Block 33 Merlot

Looking down the rows in Block 33 Merlot


As we alluded to on our facebook page earlier this week, new and exciting special projects are underfoot in the vineyard.   The tasting room and winery staff have split into three teams (each headed by a member of the winery staff) and each team has been assigned a few rows from three different portions of the vineyard (Team A Block 21 Cabernet Sauvignon lead by Darren, Team B Block 3 Malbec lead by Molly, Team C Block 33 Merlot lead by Oscar).  Each team will take their rows through the winemaking process from shoot thinning, through fermentation, and finally to blending.  All squads will have access to assistance and advice from viticulturist Lucas Pope, winemaker Kevin Sass, and vineyard foreman Eusebio Rico, but the idea is that final decisions and methods will fall upon the squad itself to enact.  (more…)

2012 Côtes de Paso Blanc. Yes.

Blanc - Halter Ranch Vineyard


As of May 1 we’ve begun pouring the 2012 Côtes de Paso Blanc in the tasting room.   Having spent a few days with it we can say without reservation: this is one of the most delicious white wines we’ve yet produced (those of you familiar with our white wine will note this is a somewhat more than merely bold statement).  At first scent it shows the delightful minerality we’ve come to expect from Côtes Blanc with touches of tart lemon, granny smith, and honeydew.  On the palate it is medium bodied with an absolutely inspiring acidic zest.  Grenache Blanc again dominates the blend at 58% with smaller quantities of Roussanne (18%), Picpoul Blanc (16%), and Viognier (8%).  In concert with its 2012 vintage cousins, CDPB shows remarkable brightness and lush fruit while remaining somewhat restrained with regard to alcohol (13.5%).  Flavors here run the gamut from briney mineral, forward toward spice, on to citrus, and beyond through ripe stone fruit as it opens.  CDPB will pair impressively with…well…itself…and nearly everything else  (more…)

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