Pairing Appetizers With Pier 46

Lindsey B, Sarah, Tony, Christina

Pier 46 and Halter Ranch


This past Wednesday morning we had the opportunity to apply our culinary expertise while discussing sustainability with Tony DeGarimore of Pier 46 Seafood Market in Templeton.  For this momentous occasion our own Sarah Forstner selected three simple appetizer recipes to pair with 2012 Halter Ranch Rose and the soon to be released 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.  Tony generously provided some delectable  treats to flesh out the project and we lept into the kitchen with abandon. 


Pier 46 Salmon and Creme Fraiche on Kettle Chip

Too delicious


A dollop of creme fraiche, a small slice of Pier 46 smoked salmon, a few freshly chopped chives, and some pepper make for an arguably unbeatable first bite to pair with 2012 Rose.


Spicy Crab Dip

The Sauv Blanc likes spicy


The 2012 Sauvignon Blanc is a spicy meal’s best friend as evidenced in its pairing with the renowned Pier 46 spicy crab dip.


Bacon Wrapped Scallop and Chili Jam

Absolutely amazing scallops!


For our final treat, Tony provided a few local scallops which we wrapped in thick cut bacon before broiling for 12 minutes.  The result was an absolutely sublime experience.  Our recommendation?  Secure 6-12 scallops from Pier 46, open any bottle of Halter Ranch wine.  Wrap the scallops in a thick cut bacon strip of your choice.  Broil to perfection.  Then sip, serve, rinse, repeat, and prepare to be carried away into an otherworldly sensory experience.


A few things we learned in today’s culinary exercise:

-Sriracha is available both for consumption and for purchase in Tony’s shop.

-Farmed fish can be absolutely delicious and equal if not superior in certain circumstance to sea or stream born cousins.

-Candied bacon cooks considerably faster than bacon wrapped scallops.

-Pier 46 scallops and salmon may inspire future drooling, dreaming, or both.

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