The Cork Test


Halter Ranch Vineyard

Molly explains the process


Similar to separate lots of wine from the same vineyard block, different lots of cork are sourced from the same forest.  Each year as we prepare to place our cork order, we receive sample bags containing small portions (around 50-100 corks) from a variety of cork lots.  Corks are graded by quality, so all lots we receive are graded at the same quality standard by the producer but before we decide on which lot we will purchase the years corks from, we put each batch through our own battery of tests to insure our standards are met. This week, Molly set aside a few moments to run us through the various tests in order to offer us a firsthand look into the process.  (more…)

Organic Discussion in the HRV Tasting Room


Organic Discussion - Halter Ranch Vineyard

Spring blossoms


I recently had a conversation in the tasting room with a very pleasant and well spoken group of customers who were interested in the role of organic certification in wine.  After discussing I was left with the sense that both sides of the conversation were left a bit confused as the result of impressions we each held about the truth and meaning behind certification.  What follows is an exploration of the distinctions between organic, biodynamic, and or sustainable.  You will find that I have bias toward one of the programs, and this is something I am willing to both admit and accept.  I welcome commentary so please don’t be shy about offering your own opinions, questions, or suggestions in the comments section following this post.  (more…)

Pairing Appetizers With Pier 46

Lindsey B, Sarah, Tony, Christina

Pier 46 and Halter Ranch


This past Wednesday morning we had the opportunity to apply our culinary expertise while discussing sustainability with Tony DeGarimore of Pier 46 Seafood Market in Templeton.  For this momentous occasion our own Sarah Forstner selected three simple appetizer recipes to pair with 2012 Halter Ranch Rose and the soon to be released 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.  Tony generously provided some delectable  treats to flesh out the project and we lept into the kitchen with abandon.  (more…)

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