Native Plant Discoveries – HRV Vineyard Hike Round Two

Underway - Native

The (big!) tour group makes its way across our covered bridge.

Congregation at Club Mitch

Mitch performs a mini quiz session at the main irrigation pond.


This Saturday past we embarked on the second vineyard hike of 2013.  This time, Leslie and Mitch led us up the airstrip, around the pond, through the new plantings, and back in a mock figure eight pattern to arrive at the tasting room.  Along the way we were treated to an abundance of wildlife and absolutely gorgeous warm weather. 


Freshly Pruned Grenache

A walk through freshly pruned Block 29 Grenache

Red Tail Interactions

Two Red Tailed Hawks interact above as we walk toward Block 52

Hiking Up 52

An optional side trip up to the peak of Block 52. Steep.

Skirting the Secret Pond

We veer outside the planted area of the vineyard to visit the secret pond and walk the hidden creek trail.



The hidden pond is nearly dry due to the minimal rainfall up to this point, but the area surrounding it is already speckled with small clumps of wildflowers.


Shooting Star Flowering

Shooting stars in mid-flower pepper the hillsides as we make our way to the woods.


Roots and Moss

Beautiful oak root bunch and lichen

To Be Flowers Upward Shooting

These will be flowers soon

Pretty But Not a Chantrelle

Pretty but not recommended for eating


Native Shrubs Along Dry Creekbed

The grasses along the creek were once used by Chumash for weaving

Another Acorn Woodpecker Stash

Another secret acorn stash reveals itself as we walk by

Soap Plant

Chlorogalum, the soap plant


Soap plants were used by Native Americans to catch fish.  They would mash the root bulb of Chlorogalum and add water to create a foam before pouring the mixture into a river or creek.  This would incapacitate the fish which were then gathered to be eaten (clearly ingesting Chlorogalum was not noticeably harmful to humans).  Other uses for this fancy little plant include making it into soap, glue, or an antiseptic poultice.


The Trek Back

Making our way back down the airstrip




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