A Chill January Morning Among the Vines


Window Melt

Vines through icy window


A different sort of beauty sprouts when the vines are dormant.  Cover crops create a green blanket under grey vines and the awakening vineyard is often dusted with frost as we arrive in the morning.  This year’s cover crop is composed of barley, legumes, and wildflowers that could use some additional rainfall for nutrient uptake…hint hint sky…  (more…)

A Western Screech Owl Graces Halter Ranch

Roger's Screech Photo

Courtesy of Roger Zachary


Each year around this time we welcome a hearty group of bi and monoculared guests as part of the Morro Bay Bird Festival.  Roger Zachary of Atascadero and our own Mitch Wyss lead an Ornithological tour of the Halter Ranch property.  This year was particularly special in that the group caught a lucky glimpse of the fairly common, but rarely seen, Western Screech Owl among many other beautiful avian tenants (some migratory, some temporary, and some more permanent).  Though we were able to capture a shot of the owl above with Roger’s help, we would highly suggest experiencing some of his photos here as they are quite diverse and beautiful.   (more…)

Philosophically Wandering Among Wines

7 Merry Wines

7 Merry Mourvèdre


If you’ve followed the HRV blog for a bit we’re sure you’ve noted that tasting philosophies are never far from our hearts and minds.  In this instance our line of thinking derives from a combination of internal discussion and suggestions from a few of our fans (thank you for being attentive! : ) in regard to a tasting we recently posted about on our illustrious facebook page.  The discourse arose as the result of communicating staff consensus on a few favorites within a pool of  (all wonderful and unique) varietal Mourvèdre, generously donated by our friends and neighbors in the industry.  In communicating the consensus we took pause to consider whether or not revealing such detail might cause distress or offense among those producers whose wines did not shine as brightly among the majority of HRV staff present for the tasting.  (more…)

Pairings Indeed – A Meal With Cabernet Sauvignon

Pieces of Soup and Cabernet Sauvignon


Inspired in part by cool winter weather and in other part by the success of a past pairing experience, we decided to cook an experimental meal with a hearty soup as the centerpiece alongside the 2010 Halter Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon.  The ingrained impulse when considering a food pairing for Cabernet Sauvignon is generally to think: ‘Steak!’.  While we would not necessarily disagree, steak being a perfectly acceptable compliment to a hearty wine, in this instance we’ve decided to stray from the norm.  Keeping in mind that taste is subjective, we created a salad, a vegetarian soup modified from a recipe in this book, and a variation on Pissaladière with the intention of showcasing the versatility of 2010 Cabernet.  (more…)

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