Up Late with Lindsey B – On a Packing Bender

Toward the end of Lindsey’s packing bender.


What follows was written in a state of delirium Monday morning after a long night.  Read further with caution.

In the words of the effusive miss Sarah F:

“It’s four AM somewhere…   It’s four AM here and I’m still working.”

For the record, I Lindsey B, began work on Sunday October 7 at 9:30 am, it is now Monday October 8 at 4:07 am.  Can you guess what I’m doing?

…I’ll spare you further suspense and state that yes club members, I am finalizing (packing and labeling) your fall shipment for pick up at 8 am today and delivery Tuesday or Wednesday.  The time between now and the arrival of the feeder (big empty) truck will be spent wrapping and arranging 20 pallets holding 1019 club shipments to be forklifted and hauled off toward a diversity of destinations.

Why am I doing this at 4 am you (and maybe I) ask?

There are 2 primary reasons and 2 sub-reasons (for a total of 4 reasons net).

1) I love Halter Ranch Vineyard and the wines it produces

Subreason A:  I want to protect said wines from heat spoilage or damage during transit

Subreason B:  UPS prefers morning pick up for large shipments and that helps fulfill ‘A’ while keeping them happy

2) I love people and want them to appreciate the wines we produce

Final Answer?  I do this out of love

Club members, your wines will reach you gently packed and intact as the result of my efforts (to be fair, though it diminishes the dramatic pose I was beginning to strike, your wines will reach you intact as result of my efforts and those of one Tony Quealy with the help of T Flores, and a few young rockstars from United Staffing Associates).  For those of you who are not yet members: Join up!  I want to pack your wine…at 4 am…out of love.  Seriously.


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