Coops, Coos, and Coups – A New Flock at Halter Ranch

Do you have treats?


Those of you who have spent time out at Halter Ranch or anyone who has been following our social media throughout the past few years will likely have glimpsed our flock of chickens either in photos or in person.  It has been customary to host a happy flock of egg-laying ladies on the Ranch since the early 2000’s.  They provide wonderful free range eggs for the staff, insect control for the grounds, fertilizer for the vineyard, and are a general source of smiling entertainment for all.  (more…)

Paso Wine Man – The Return

The latest Paso Wine Man video features many familiar sites and sights.  We were ecstatic to host Juice Media and the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance for the majority of the shoot.  Those of you who have visited the winery, see if you can identify a few of the spots around the vineyard that are featured in the video.


Harvest 2012 Round 2

Picpoul Blanc and Roussanne


The Winery readies itself for Picpoul Blanc


In the Vineyard

Our crews began early this morning, picking Roussanne and Picpoul Blanc.  Space between the start of harvest 2 weeks ago with Sauvignon Blanc and today’s pick is striking but not unusual.  It is typical of Rhone whites and most reds to take a bit longer to ripen than the ever over-achieving (or over-eager, depending on how you see things) Sauvignon Blanc.


Crews harvesting in the fog


We were surprised upon arrival to find that the vineyard was entirely blanketed in fog.  Though it is common for this physical representative of coastal influence to creep in overnight in the surrounding area, it is fairly unusual (occurring perhaps less than once a month) for there to be fog on Halter Ranch itself simply given the geography of the  small valley in which our vineyard lies.  Few smells are quite as captivating as the multitude of scents woken by the presence of hanging moisture in the vineyard.  Subtle whiffs of wet stone, fine dust, and general abundance permeated the atmosphere and lent additional enthusiasm to an already exciting day.  (more…)

In the Vineyard – Morning Among the Vines

Morning sky over Block 41 Cabernet Sauvignon on the Adelaida side of Halter Ranch Vineyard

growth on the pond

On the east side of the
vineyard, the curve of Block 23

A small raptor perches on the western corner of the winery

Soon these curious friends will help us control insects in the vineyard

Between Block 26 and Block 52

Endposts and Oak

Cabernet in the Morning

Delicacies with Maegen on the Halter Ranch Bridge

Halter Ranch Covered Bridge Dinner


Twilit Bridge


Each year, near the start of harvest we hold a special dinner catered by a local chef on our covered bridge.  The bridge was built in 2009 by Western Wood Structures Incorporated of Tualatin, Oregon to meet the fire department’s requirement for access to the new winery across Las Tablas Creek.  As with all structures onsite, the bridge combines clean, beautiful, and rustic aesthetic with function to provide a memorable transition from the tasting room and barnyard to the vineyards and winery.  This past Saturday we felt exceedingly privileged to host local culinary extraordinaire Maegen Loring as the guest chef for this year’s dinner and the setting could not have been more ideal.


Cabernet Day Reflections – Wine and Music in Concert

2003 Halter Ranch Cab opened in prelude to Cabernet Day


In preparation for Cabernet Day 2012, a friend and I drove via the coast route from Paso Robles to Santa Cruz. Securely stowed in our air conditioned vehicle were a few bottles each of Halter Ranch 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. These two special wines represent the entirety of our first foray into the variety at Halter Ranch.   (more…)

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