Accolades for the Flagship: Ancestor in the Spotlight

2003 was our first vintage of Ancestor.  The blend consisted of 60% Syrah and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.  Since then the composition of Ancestor has altered slightly each year, providing a consistent expression of the best grapes our vineyard has to offer as they work in concert to delight.

We are currently selling the 2008 Ancestor in the tasting room and true to form it is showing the great complexity and ability to age we have come to expect from our flagship blend.  The word has finally gotten out, Ancestor has received more recognition in the past six months than any vintage of the past including:  Best in Class at the Monterey Wine Competition, Gold Medals in Los Angeles, San Diego, the Central Coast Wine Competition, and Gold in the Sunset Magazine Wine Competition.

Ancestor is named after the largest California Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) on record.  The tree sits among the Syrah vines at the crest of Block 11, the oldest planting in our vineyard at sixteen years.  It’s trunk is 29 feet in circumference, it is 55 feet at its apex, and the branches span 106 feet at their widest point.  The California Live Oak is the only indigenous oak species that thrives in coastal regions. Influence from the sea in both air and soil is a major factor that makes west side Paso Robles ideal for producing wines of elegance and typicity.

2008 Ancestor is composed of 25% Petit Verdot, 24% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Syrah, 15% Merlot, and 12% Malbec.  It is available for tasting and purchase in the Halter Ranch tasting room 11-5 7 days a week.  Cheers!

Côtes de Paso Blanc and Rosé are Buzzing – Get them while you can!


Two pressing thoughts have come to the minds (or the mind) of the Halter Ranch collective over the past month.

Thought Number 1:  Beyond being stellar overall, our summer line up (ie Rosé and Côtes Blanc) has been performing excellently in both print media and competitions (see below for specifics).

Thought Number 2: Remaining quantities of Côtes de Paso Blanc and Rosé are rapidly depleting.

Conclusion: The time is ripe to secure these wines for your summer table, porch, barbecue, or cellar.    (more…)

“Je me concentre dans le domaine du tourisme du vin”

Eglantine and Fancy Door


It may be evident from previous posts that our tasting room is currently graced with the presence of a miraculous French intern.

Eglantine: A sweet aromatic rose variety native to Europe and West Asia.  Also known as Sweet Briar

Eglantine hails from Bordeaux (yep, the town of Bordeaux, more accurately, from smack in the middle of the town of Bordeaux).  She has approximately two years of University (studying Tourism) remaining at Lycee de Gascogne.  Her intention is to hone her concentration in on Wine Tourism during those final years before transplanting to the United States more permanently as a wine specialist and guide.

The post today is devoted to Eglantine’s favorite Halter Ranch wines and the French style dishes she would pair them with.  We have taken the liberty of scouring the web for recipes, linking them where appropriate.   (more…)

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