Introducing Lucas and Updates from the Vineyard

Lucas Pope, previously of Stolo Family Vineyards and Coastal Ranch Vineyards, joined the Halter Ranch team in early April as our new Viticultural Specialist. He will be working closely with Winemaker Kevin Sass and Vineyard Foreman Eusebio Rico toward keeping our current vineyard in tip top shape, while also getting the new plantings in the ground (and growing!).


This is a picture of Lucas during the 30 seconds he spent indoors today. Busy times! Photos of Lucas in action among the vines are forthcoming.



Prior to arriving here in Paso, Lucas worked with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cool Climate Syrah, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc (among other varieties) in Cambria and Santa Cruz. He brings with him an intimate knowledge of vineyard management and palpable delight toward working among the vines. When asked about his experiences thus far he responded:
“I am absolutely thrilled to be involved with this beautiful place and to be a part of the Halter Ranch team going forward.”
We (and the vines of course!) are very excited to have Lucas on board.

Speaking of the vineyard:

There are currently 4 crews out among the vines, shoot thinning in Cabernet Sauvignon Blocks 30 and 31 , moving wires to accommodate (abundant!) fresh growth in Cabernet Sauvignon Block 41, and planting Petit Verdot to Block 40.





According to Lucas we are in the midst of ideal growing weather. As you can see from the photos the vines (enthusiastically) affirm this. On a more ominous note, temperatures over the past few days have also been prime for mildew growth. To determine this we use an index that accounts for temperature and time, ideal conditions for mildew lie between 70 and 85 degrees for periods of six hours or more daily. To combat this we have spent the past few months inoculating the vineyard against fungal growth.

Expect a photo post later this week showing Lucas and the vineyard team in action.

As always thanks for reading and cheers!

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