The Narrative

Halter Ranch is in the midst of change.  Like the vines we grow and the wines we produce we are vitally, necessarily, and wonderfully alive.  We are growing roots, maturing in the bottle, breathing through our corks; just itching to be freed from our glass and poured into yours.

Intentions here have always developed with an eye toward the future.  We carefully dole out water and nutrients to our vineyard in the interest of extending its life.   The property itself is nothing if not a beautiful legacy we steward for innumerable generations to come. Each new vintage of Halter Ranch wine expresses very directly the flavor, history, and progress of this beautiful site and all these aspects contribute to the overall narrative we seek to share with you.

Toward that end…


-Rumor from the winery is that the caves (passive cooling and barrel storage) will be completed in approximately six months (Just in time for Harvest 2012)!

-In the vineyard we are placing end posts on the last few new blocks to be planted over the next month or so.

-Pruning on our 200,000 grape producing rock stars is nearing completion as we prepare for budbreak (hopefully toward the end of April and safely beyond the risk of a late frost).

-In the tasting room we are gearing up for ZinFest next weekend!

Thanks for reading!  Check back later this week for a discussion of Syrah’s many faces.

P.S.  A fun fact for those of you who enjoy sparkling wine:

Though it likely cropped up throughout history as an accidental result of cold weather during the winemaking process, sparkling wine appeared in Britain as an intentionally produced consumable good prior to its appearance in France.  This is the result of two technological developments in Britain during the mid 1600?s:  First-The British rediscovered cork (the practice of using corks to seal liquids in jars disappeared during the dark ages) before the French who continued to use simple wooden bungs as stoppers until the early 1700?s.  Second-The British also developed reinforced glass that was structurally able to contain the natural exuberance of sparkling wine.  Today’s fact was sourced from this excellent book by Tom Stevenson.

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