A Unique Culinary Experience with Ciro Pasciuto

On Saturday May 14 our neighbor–and the creator of the wonderful rustic Italian loaves we sell on weekends–Ciro Pasciuto will provide us with a very special opportunity.  His mother, Gioconda di Nucci, is visiting from Gaeta, a small village on the Mediterranean. She and Ciro have agreed to provide a hands on demonstration in the unique culinary techniques of the Italian Coast!  Gioconda translates roughly to ‘Lady of Mirth’ in Italian and is commonly used as a nickname in reference to the Mona Lisa.

This promises to be awondrous and illuminating event so don’t miss out!

The cooking will take place in the Victorian Farmhouse here on the Halter Ranch property from 11am to 2pm and the price will be $80 per person, $64 for Ranch, and $60 for Owner’s Club Members.   Space is limited!  888.367.9977

Halter Ranch – May Update

As the days grow increasingly sunny the winery and vineyard teams are beginning plans for shoot thinning.  Roofing and final paneling continue on the exterior of the new winery as we wait for the last few tanks to arrive for placement on the interior.

The tasting room addition is fully framed in an looks vaguely like new growth on a plant–that is-odd colored and just a shadow of its future shelf. Expect winemaker and vineyard updates tomorrow.  

Happy May!

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