Halter Ranch Vineyard – Barn Projections

The barn to the left is our primary location for large gatherings onsite.  It was originally a livestock barn for the Smith and MacGillvray families when they occupied the property.  During the restoration of the Victorian farmhouse, the barn was also retrofitted so that it remains in an arrested state, preserving the 19th century aesthetic while remaining sturdy!

We have similar plans for the silo barn pictured below.  This second barn functioned as a storage and processing facility for the barley, safflower, and other dry growing grains farmed by the MacGillvrays in the the early-mid 20th century.

Ultimately, with the completion of the new facility and the restoration of the second barn, the lower half of our property including the current tasting room/victorian/bunkhouse area will become a picnic and special event area.  It will be a year or two more, but the tasting room will probably migrate up the hill to complement the winery.  The current building may then become more of a visitor’s center or *fingers crossed* a kitchen and dining area!

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