Vineyard Views

The morning’s rain made for more stunning views in the vineyard and around the new facility.  It is amazing to see the weekly change as it happens among the vines and on our various construction projects!

Monday looks to be big in regard to progress on the area surrounding the new tasting room.  We will be pressure washing the patio and letting it dry out before sealing it on Tuesday or Wednesday.  All this will take place as we prepare for Wine Festival next weekend!

In the new winery just 7 of the tank pads remain empty and the reverse osmosis system, a fundamental component of the winemaking process, is waiting on its last few pipe connections.

The Vineyard Drive entry gate is essentially complete but for the last bit of fencing immediately around it and the automatic mechanism for the gate!  Looking out the window every few minutes, the beauty of the day seems–miraculously!–to be increasing.

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