Pruning Continues at Halter Ranch

Pruning will be ongoing through early to mid-summer, depending upon the grape in question, until we begin seeing the first signs of Veraison.  Veraison is essentially the transition in the grapes from hard green berries to, again depending on the particular variety in question, plump black, purple, red, light green, yellow, or brown spheroids of juicy joy.

We focused our efforts this morning on Block 22B Syrah, grafted over from Cabernet Sauvignon in 2004.  22A and B are both Syrah (22A: Clone 383, 22B: Clone 174) and the two Syrah plantings that most consistently appear in our own bottlings.  We will be focusing on our top performing hillsides first as we work our way through the entire vineyard to open up areas on each vine that are becoming clogged with new growth.  It is a truly exciting and rewarding time to be among the vines!

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