Fresh Tasting Notes from the Halter Ranch Staff

2010 Sauvignon Blanc-True to form, the 2010 is bright and crisp with nice acidity, perfect for the season.  The character this time around tends a bit more toward the grapefruit end of the Sauvignon Blanc spectrum.

2010 Rose-One of the most popular wines on our list among staff and customers alike! Bright red fruit bursts through the nose on this reliable beauty.  Everything about it is pleasing!

2010 Cotes de Paso Blanc-Within our list, the Cotes Blanc expresses perhaps most directly the stony characteristics of our vineyard’s soil.  It begs for cucumbers, goat cheese, or possibly a little more time in the cellar to truly blossom.

2008 Cotes de Paso-The wonderful aromatics of our Grenache based blend reach the nose before the wine is even poured!  Its perfect melding of fruit and spice is liable to induce a Pavlovian salivation effect.  CdP 2008 drinks wonderfully immediately as it is poured from the bottle, no decanting or aerating necessary!

2008 Syrah-A little fuller than Cotes de Paso red, the 08 Syrah walks many paths.  It is great now with wonderful dark berry fruit and a little tannin.  It will age well for 10 years if cellaring is your game. Or, if you have a hearty dish in need of a deep purple companion this gorgeous wine is eager to oblige.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon-Though it will reward some time lying down in your cellar, C.S. 2007 is perfectly drinkable immediately if you love some hearty dark fruit and tannin. Another wine that expresses itself enthusiastically when in the company of hearty meats and stews, the 07 among all Cabernet we’ve produced shows most excellently a blend of fruit oriented Paso style and Old-world spice.

2006 Ancestor-For being so young, the 2006  is potentially the most palate friendly Ancestor yet released.  Where its siblings of previous vintages have expressed their tannic structure very directly, the current release is more subtle, earthy, and drinkable on its own.  Don’t be fooled however, there is enough tannin on the back end to keep 06 on the shelf next to 2004 and 2005.

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