A Crash Course in Basic Pruning

We were back out bright and early this morning to continue the process of pruning, this time on Block 23 Petit Verdot!  The basic idea with each vine is to insure that the shoots we keep have enough room to breathe while at the same time being spaced far enough apart that when the grapes ripen and swell, the clusters do not touch or block one another.

Typically we prune to between 12 and 14 spur positions per vine with 2 shoots per spur position.  Additionally we must be conscious of preserving new baby  shoots that will provide spur positions for next vintage.

This process will continue furiously over the next few weeks as we work to get the vineyard pruned to our winemakers’ preferences before the stems become more woody.  The scope of this yearly project will continue to mount as we begin keeping more and more of the fruit for our own wines.  It is very exciting to see this transition as it happens!

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