In the Vineyard – May 2011


Initial buds, pruned to preferred positions during winter 2010/2011, were lost due to frost in late March. The vines have reacted to this by enthusiastically sending out new buds and shoots in random locations on the cordon and trunk.  Thus, instead of simply thinning fruit from those preferred positions, as we would in a normal year, the team must focus primarily on pruning back the overabundance of new growth.

Initially we send a large crew (about 12 people) through each Block to pre-prune back to 8 buds per vine, leaving a larger number of buds in this manner functions as a means of protecting select buds against another late frost.  Currently a small follow-up crew of 2-3 people is thinning to 2 buds per vine on Block 4 and 5 Syrah while the larger crew prepares to shoot thin Block 22 Syrah and Block 41 Cabernet Sauvignon. Tomorrow we will update this post with some photos of the process in action!

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